Scheduling meetings with Sidekick has been easy for many of our users. But, one huge request they have had was, “can I remove your branding / logo?”.

Before we had to tell users no, it was simply not possible 🙁

Today, that is possible!

Here is how to remove the Sidekick logo

Step 1: Hover over your User Icon in the top right corner & go to SETTINGS

Step 2: Hit the toggle and turn off “Show Sidekick Branding”

Note: This is a PAID feature, so if you are on a free account you will need to upgrade your account to the SuperHero plan. Here is our pricing plans page.

Video walkthrough remove branding

Claim your free account today and start using Sidekick Ai to schedule your meetings. If you have any questions, please contact us. (We are pretty quick at getting back via email forms BTW)