Meet the founders

Sidekick Ai was created purely out of frustration. Nathan Jean tripled his software development agency (Kyros Digital) in less than 12 months. With fast growth comes various problems and frustrations.

One of his biggest frustrations was scheduling meetings and managing his calendar. After a deep Google Search (because that’s what you do) he realized there was no tool that fit his needs.

Like any talented software engineer, Nathan just started building a tool to help solve his scheduling problems without any intent of offering Sidekick Ai to the world.

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Chris Ake

CEO / Partner

Chris took the entrepreneurial leap back in 2011 when he started his first company Grand Apps, a mobile app development agency. Chris helped grow Grand Apps from a bootstrapped business with zero revenue to over seven figures in under 8 years. Chris is excited to help lead the Sidekick Ai team and take on a new challenge.

“This is our first software product. I’ve always wanted to launch my own product, but I just never know what it would be or when that time would come. When I met Nate and he pitched me the idea, I knew it was time because this product actually helped solve some of my problems.”

Jon Butler

Founder / Partner

Jon became a partner of Grand Apps, a mobile app development company, with Chris Ake in 2012. Jon has a natural talent in sales and helped lead the sales teams at Grand Apps. Jon has vast experience in startups and has filled multiple roles at once. He understands what it takes to help build a world class company and is the head of business development for Sidekick Ai.

“As soon as Nate presented Sidekick Ai to me, I was in. At first we didn’t know if it would be a product we would offer to everyone, but I was sold on it because it helped me with scheduling.”

Nathan Jean

Founder / Partner

Nathan was a freelancer for almost 5 years before taking the leap to start his software development agency, Kyros Digital. He decided it was time to build a team and scale. He nearly tripled his company in under 12 months, so he is very aware of fast paced growth and how to handle it. Nathan is the head of product at Sidekick Ai.

“I have always been fascinated by Ai and how software works with decision making. I am dedicated to building the world’s smartest scheduling platform and am excited about our launch of Sidekick Ai!”