Scheduling software built from need and user feedback

Sidekick Ai was built because at the time there were no solutions that fit our needs. So we built one and people liked it.

The story behind Sidekick Ai

Multiple ways to schedule a meeting

Scheduling Pages gives you option to customize the times you can meet and share with others via URL.
Forward to Schedule is as easy as forwarding an email to Sidekick to schedule a meeting.
Sidekick Scheduling helps you book a meeting instantly without asking for available times.

Connect your favorite tools sidekick

You can connect to some of your favorite tools with Sidekick to automate your scheduling experience.

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Manage contacts and create groups

You can sync and add contacts to your Sidekick. Create a group for quick scheduling. Sidekick Scheduling can also book meetings instantly with other Sidekick contacts.
How Sidekick Scheduling Works

Easily schedule in email with Forward to Schedule

Our Forward to Schedule feature is built with machine learning and language processing. Sidekick can read an email, check your availability and schedule a meeting.

How Forward to Schedule works

Remove the Sidekick branding

You can completely remove the Sidekick Ai branding and logo from the scheduling process. We do plan to build a “whitelabel” upload your own image in the future.

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Add your own logo and branding

We also offer a Business Package where you can add your own company branding and logos. It is currently a WhiteGlove service in BETA. 

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Easily schedule meetings with teams

You can schedule meetings with teams and groups in an instant. Simply invite others to join your team page, they will connect their calendars and everyone can share the page for scheduling with others.


Use Cases would include a client wants to schedule with one of your teams or you build a team page with your golf buddies to find the best times for a round of 18. The possibilities are endless.

Stay informed with meeting stats

Knowledge is power and Sidekick gives you insight into your meeting statistics. Know exactly what time you often meet and what days of the week with meetings stats.

Stay productive, let Sidekick do the work

Sidekick will do the tedious things while keeping you organized.


Sidekick will send reminders prior to the meeting.


Sidekick creates a calendar event for you automatically.


Sidekick also sends out meeting invites to everyone.