There are only two ways to schedule meetings with others, people will request your time (inbound) or you will request their time (outbound).

When we were building Sidekick Ai, we had to think this through in-depth and decide how we wanted to build both of these request types to make it very simple and easy for users on both ends.


Outbound Meeting Requests


This is easier to build and more straight forward. Basically a Sidekick user can select the “+” icon on the dashboard and begin the process of requesting a meeting. We wanted to build our outbound request as if you were talking to your personal sidekick.

We have an intuitive chat flow that requires a few clicks and Sidekick Ai will begin the process of coordinating the meeting for you. If anything comes up from request time, you can check the status and Sidekick will notify you if any hurdles come up, just like an assistant would.


Inbound Meeting Requests


This feature is slightly more tricky to build. When we started to determine how we wanted to create this, we thought about individuals who allow assistants to screen their emails or they send emails to their assistants.

When someone emails you, Sidekick will process the language in your inbox and detect when someone requests a meeting with you and then notify you. Don’t worry, we are only using the INBOX label tag and not SPAM labels. We will start by allowing users to connect their Gmail and Outlook accounts (This will be announced in our first software release for 1.0, which we call Robin 1.0).

Users will be able to get a quick summary of who wants to meet them, why they want to meet them and any other useful information Sidekick can gather. Users will simply click accept or deny and Sidekick will do the heavy lifting.


Why is Sidekick Different?


The main difference with Sidekick from other competing software platforms is we are truly creating a system that detects inbound requests without and person CC’ing a bot or notifying the software. The software will be smart enough to detect the meeting request language in your inboxes.

To our knowledge, this has not been done and the software platforms we have used do not offer this. It is very complex but we’re confident we will create something that people will love! We personally cannot wait to use it internally so we don’t have to spend anymore time than needed coordinating meetings.


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