Our scheduling software just got a little more powerful.

We have a very large product update to announce we have just released. We have been working on this for months and we’re excited to share with you what we have built.

Email Refresh

We have updated and gave our emails a make over. The old emails were very dated, text was not neat, spacing was way off and it just looked bad. We refreshed our entire email system. So now anytime books a meeting with you and your Sidekick, they will receive a more beautiful modern email now.

Emails Before

Emails After

We now offer users easier “Cancel” and “Reschedule” capabilities

We offered this before, but it was a very complex system that simply was not good. If you notice in the “New Meeting” email above, there is a section for people to make changes.

Cancelling a meeting

Cancel is pretty self explanatory. If someone cancels they click cancel and type a message why they are cancelling and you will be notified with the reason why.

After they submit and confirm, you will then be notified in your inbox.

Rescheduling a meeting

When a guest clicks the “reschedule” link, they will be taken to a scheduling page to book a new time that works.

After they select a new time, they will be asked to give reason of why they wanted to reschedule.

When they confirm the reschedule and give reason, you will be email notified of the reschedule and also the reason why. You can always click cancel if you do not wish to accept this reschedule.

As a Sidekick Ai user, you can always go to your dashboard > meetings > click the meeting and manage it from there as well. You can take both actions: “Cancel” or “Reschedule”.

We hope you enjoy this update! If you have questions, contact us.