The Rising Star Award was awarded to Sidekick Ai for one of the best up and coming scheduling software tools to try! And we would agree with Better Alternative. (Slightly biased)


It’s so fun to receive recognition for your hard work. It’s also really, really fun to receive this out of the blue (you know without applying to these things). I woke up, checked my inbox and here was the email.


Sidekick Ai Rising Star



You can read the full article here


Better Alternatives is a SaaS magazine where they will vet business softwares that qualify to their standards. Their aim as a publication is to also highlight underrated SaaS companies (we believe we fit this perfect!). Here is more about them.


Sidekick Ai was built from an internal need for a better scheduling tool. We know there are dozens of scheduling tools out there, with majority copying Calendly. Our mission was to create a smarter, better way that was more useful than simply sharing a link. That is the mission we are on here at Sidekick.


Currently we have 4 great ways to schedule. You can find them here. We are also building on these daily to improve our customer experience based on actual user feedback, not just what we want to build.


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