Sidekick Ai scheduling software


The Sidekick Ai scheduling mobile app is live and it’s free to try! We are very excited about this update because we understand the importance of mobile. Currently the Sidekick Ai desktop version is not mobile friendly (but we plan on changing that in the future), so the mobile app will allow people to manage Sidekick on the go.


You can sign up for free with our scheduling app and give it a try! Sign up here or click the buttons below to download the mobile app.


Download the Sidekick Ai scheduling app on the App StoreDownload the Sidekick Ai scheduling mobile app on Google Play


Voice Scheduling 


Free scheduling mobile app with Sidekick Ai


We have rolled out our 1.0 voice scheduling feature in the app. We are working towards improving a way better user experience with voice scheduling but we are very happy with what we currently have in 1.0.


Sidekick Ai also offers multiple ways to schedule meetings, see how it works here.


Meeting Status Updates 


Sidekick Ai meeting cards


A current problem when you are scheduling a meeting is you might not know why that meeting is still pending. Did everyone confirm? Are we waiting on a location? What is the status and why is my meeting pending? 


With Sidekick Ai, you can click the meeting cards from your meetings feature and glance quickly on exactly what is going on and get meeting status updates.


Set Your Availability


Sidekick Ai scheduling mobile app

You can set your availability quickly and even organize time away (for the very organized people out there). This way, Sidekick will know when you’re out of town or can’t meet so it will schedule around these time away blocks. You can set general preferences like In Person meeting durations that Sidekick will recommend when scheduling.


Our goal is simple, we want to build the best scheduling mobile app for our users. What is the best? Well we believe scheduling should be easy. We currently have four ways that users can schedule meetings and we are planning on building more useful ways and features that make scheduling that easier. If you have any feedback, email