2020, a year we will never forget. As we close this year out,  we thought it would be a great time to recap what we did in 2020 and give your insight on our 2021 vision for Sidekick Ai.



We view 2020 as a learning year of what worked, what did not work, what users want and how can we improve. We are also very happy we have validated Sidekick and people really want to use it! You have spoken, we have listened.


We lean into 2021 with a solid plan and are excited to share with everyone what we are working on.


Our 2021 Strategy & Focus


In 2021 we will kick off the year hiring our first ever full time developer to the team! We will also put a huge emphasis on better customer support and we will innovate Sidekick Ai with richer features that benefit all of our users.


2021 can be summed up in three words; Investment, Improvement & Innovation


1) Investment


Now that our users validated they want Sidekick Ai, we listened and are investing more into making this product way better! For the first time ever, we will be hiring a full time developer. From idea to launch, we have put in sweat equity and only developed Sidekick when we had time (mostly nights and weekends). We never had a true full time developer for over two straight weeks focused on improving the platform. In 2021, we will.


You can expect to see more updates come out, better improvements on the platform and much more. We hope you are as excited as we are!


Apply to: chris@sidekickai.com if interested


2) Improvement


We have two huge areas for improvement: product and support.


We will start by making huge improvements to the scheduling portion of the product to make this a better experience for all. We will improve upon our machine learning program to make Sidekick even smarter. We will make sure the core of the product is working seamlessly with your scheduling efforts and improve these processes.


Another huge focus of improvement is going to be support. We are a small boot-strapped team, so we know sometimes things can slip through the cracks and that is not okay! We understand we need to do better and are making a larger effort in 2021 for this as we get more users.


3) Innovation


We can’t say much yet (shhhh secrets), but we have some really cool features we will be rolling out in 2021. If you ever want to see what we’re up to, you can follow our RoadMap here. Also if you have requests, please email us / contact us about them!! We do listen to every request.




The main takeaway is we launched Sidekick to the world with no expectations and we were accepted with open arms. We have had a steady pace of controlled growth, which allowed us to improve quickly and keep users happy, which is a huge focus for us. Now that the 2020 validation has happened, we look into 2021 with bigger goals and visions. However, we are making sure to focus on the core of our company (product and users) and grow in stages.


We want to thank all of our users who support us during these stages. It means more than you know. Also huge shout out to our AppSumo community! The Sumolings have given us so much good feedback.


The main takeaway is we are ready to tackle 2021 head on.