Our scheduling software just got a little bit more powerful with this latest update. Here is our monthly update for the month of February. We have launched some new features, improved a lot and will summarize what we’re working on now.

If you missed it, check out our January 2022 update. This update focused a lot on adding Microsoft teams and making some updates to the scheduling pages.

If you are a video person, below is an update of what we have launched in Feb 2022 and the updates.

Updates made to your scheduling pages.

We have had a lot of requests to add a few key features to the scheduling pages tool. Today we are happy to deliver this update!

Meeting Questions

You now have the ability to ask questions for guests booking with you. You can make these required and ask as many as you wish.

  1. Go to Scheduling Pages in the Sidekick Ai dashboard.
  2. Click to create new page or edit a current page.
  3. Scroll to the section for meeting questions and create a question

New Feature: Main Scheduling Page

This has been a very requested feature by our users. Basically people wanted to share just one url link with multiple scheduling pages on one page. We have officially launched the first version of this!

Main scheduling page walkthrough

How do you share your main scheduling page?

Go to your Sidekick Ai dashboard > Scheduling Pages > Click the “main scheduling page” text that is in blue right under your profile picture in the top right corner. Just grab the URL in the browser and share it wherever you wish.

How do you edit your scheduling page url?

Just go to settings and you will see a box that allows you to edit this. Please NOTE: (important) if you change this, it will be broken anywhere else you have shared it previously as it’s a brand new url you created.

What are we working on next?

Here are some things we are currently working on.

  • Reschedule / cancel (making it way easier for guests and users)
  • Complete overhaul of ALL of the scheduling emails. This was a long time coming…
  • Building out Whitelabel features for enterprise accounts (contact us)
  • Onboarding a few pilot companies with Sidekick scheduling for larger accounts and teams
  • New AppSumo deal in the works

In summary, the month of March is packed with planned sprints! We are excited to launch some of these over the new weeks and we will keep everyone updated!

Here are what some users are saying about us…