Hey Everyone,


It’s Chris Ake here, one of the Founders of Sidekick Ai. So, some of you may have heard recently that X.ai is closing the doors for good soon and will no longer service users.


Below is an email they sent out to all of their users. Also here is their blog post about it. 



But fear not! Sidekick Ai is picking up right were X.ai left off. After we started building Sidekick Ai, we found X.ai around 6 months later. They were the closest software to ours we have ever found. Their main features were Amy and Andrew (the bots you CC’d via email to book meetings).


Sidekick AI has a similar approach to scheduling through email. We have a special feature called Forward to Schedule. You can learn about how it works here. The short is you simply forward an email to Sidekick and it will schedule for you.


We actually have 3 main ways to schedule meetings.



What is next for Sidekick Ai scheduling software?


With X.ai closing, we are putting heavy emphasis to pick up where they left off. We will be focusing a lot of efforts and attention on scheduling via email (Forward to Schedule) and making this way better, more robust and replace X.ai.

Currently we are working on our pricing model and building a FREE FOREVER version for users. We will then have a $15 per month account with premium features. This should roll out over the next few weeks, then it is heavy focus on email scheduling with Forward to Schedule.


If you’re looking for an X.ai replacement, we feel we are the perfect fit! We have not found any company similar to us or X on the market.


If you have any questions, email chris@sidekickai.com and let’s chat!