Sidekick Ai launches Zoom Video Meetings


Zoom video meetings has been the most requested integration with Sidekick Ai by far.


Today, we are happy to deliver for our users. We currently have three video meeting integrations; Google Meet, Skype and Zoom (our latest and greatest).


Zoom Video Meeting Requests for Sidekick Ai


Setting up the ability for Zoom video meetings is pretty easy. Below we will walk you through how to sync your Zoom video option with Sidekick Ai.


Start by going to your Sidekick dashboard, hover over your profile and select “connected accounts”


Sidekick Ai Dashboard


Under your connected accounts, simply click “Add to Zoom”.


Sidekick Ai Connected Accounts


You will land on the Zoom sign in page. Choose whichever method you want. You can sign into a current account manually, you can log in with Google or Facebook as well. Don’t have a Zoom account? That is easy too. Simply sign up for free and Zoom will create a free account for you in seconds and you can still sync it with your Sidekick Ai.


Connect Sidekick Ai to Zoom


After you sign in, you must make sure you “pre-approve” Sidekick Ai with your Zoom account.


Approve Sidekick Ai with Zoom


After you have pre-approved Sidekick Ai with Zoom, just go ahead and click “Authorize”.


Authorize Sidekick Ai with Zoom


Done! If you visit the connected accounts page you will see your Zoom account synced! You can always disconnect your account with the click of a button to deactivate it.


Zoom connected with Sidekick Ai


We hope everyone loves this update that allows them to use the worlds best video meeting solution. If you have any issues, please contact our support team at We appreciate all the support and are excited to announce some other huge updates coming soon.



You can find the Sidekick Ai Zoom Marketplace listing here.

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Also, Sidekick Ai was recently awarded the Rising Star Award by the Better Alternatives team. You can get more of the story here.