We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Sembly AI, an AI assistant that takes your meetings to the next level.

As you probably know, Sidekick Ai helps you schedule your meetings, but what about during and after those meetings?

That is where Sembly AI comes in.

Sembly is an automatic smart AI assistant that joins your calls with no downloads or installs. It listens in on the meeting, takes notes and helps you stay organized.

We have tried Sembly multiple times in our meetings and are very impressed. This is a perfect addition to our scheduling capabilities, and we are very excited to introduce this tool to our users.

By the way, We have never done an introduction like this before and hope you love it!

You can see how it works here

“The CPO (Artem Koren) reached out to me on LinkedIn to chat about some opportunities. At the time I had no idea what it could be, but after we met (of course we used SideKick and Sembly) we found such a natural fit. They are not focused on scheduling, but rather during meetings and note taking. We are laser focused on scheduling meetings. We have had users ask about this type of product, we just had no intent to build it. So as you see, it was actually a very natural fit,”

says Chris Ake, Co-Founder of SideKick Ai.

The partnership between SideKick Ai and Sembly AI will take place in multiple phases. Phase 1 is a more relaxed partnership where we introduce our products to our users to gain interest. If all goes well, we will plan a Phase 2 where we integrate way more with each other. Our team at SideKick Ai is very excited to see how our users enjoy the product over at Sembly!

“We are happy to partner with SideKick AI as it is a natural fit with Sembly in the meetings workflow. Whereas Sidekick AI focuses on bringing intelligence to meeting scheduling, Sembly AI is focused on bringing intelligence to meeting outcomes, follow-on, and making the overall meeting environment more effective for teams and organizations as whole. We are excited about the proliferation of AI in the meeting space both in the mechanics of scheduling and conducting meetings as enabled by SideKick AI, as well as the ultimate purpose of conducting meetings, which is to drive results, which is where Sembly excels.”

says Artem Koren, Co-Founder and CPO of Sembly AI.

If you’re looking to make your meetings more efficient and productive, give Sembly AI a try. You can start your free trial today and book a demo with their team. Let’s take your meetings to the next level with the power of AI.

PS: if you go to their site right now and click book demo, look what scheduling tool comes up 😉