Hey Everyone,


It’s Chris here again with a very fun update to share with you all! Since December, we reached a point of growth where we realized we needed more help. The AppSumo community has been awesome for us and they have given us a lot of feedback, found bugs and helped guide the direction of the next gen Sidekick Ai platform.


With this being said, here is our announcement… we have officially brought on two software developers full time to the Sidekick team!


Why is this big news? 


Well because since we launched in May of 2020, we have never had a full time dedicated software team working on our platform weekly… until now.


This is extremely good because we will be coming out with many more updates, bug fixes and enhancements at a quicker pace than ever before. We are currently tackling a list of 50+ items that were in que and will next focus on more customer support tickets.


From there we will take to the AppSumo Q&A board and find requests for enhancements


If you have any ideas / requests, email me at chris@sidekickai.com


Welcome Doug & Al to the team!