Hey everyone it’s Chris here.

I wanted to give you all this amazing news! We have officially closed our 2nd seed round of investment from angel investor, Patrick Kazen.

This is actually his second investment into Sidekick this year. He was our first angel investor earlier this year and he loved the progress so much, he wanted to invest more to speed up progress.

We could not be happier he wanted to be more apart of Sidekick! Thank you Patrick and to the team. We recently just passed 1,000 total users and we are gaining a lot of momentum at the moment. We are super excited about closing 2021 and heading into 2022. Check out our roadmap to close the year.

Patrick wanted to give a statement as to why he invested into Sidekick.

Why he decided to invest in Sidekick Ai

Why did I invest and partner with Sidekick AI?

Why invest in any startup when nearly 50% fail in five
years (depending on the source)?

I don’t have extraordinarily deep pockets, I have a demanding career with a successful organization, and at the start of this journey I had a toddler and have added an infant to the mix. If anything, all signs should have directed me safely down the path I was on, but here I am. Like any type of investment we make there are one or more factors that go into these decisions.

For me, there wasn’t one defining factor, but five that made this a tangible opportunity: a well-built platform, belief in the solution it provides users, an open market to compete in, potential for a great return on investment, and most importantly, trust and respect for the founding members and what they have accomplished as entrepreneurs.

To be honest that number should be six as the “how” for this opportunity just seemed to be one of fate.

My wife and I had just finished a call with our financial advisor and after hearing that we were on track for our retirement goals we were certainly content that we were doing the right things and saving in the right places. The thought still lingering in my brain was what else would we be able to do before retirement? What opportunities and experiences would we be able to provide our children?

As the thought buzzed around my head I opened up LinkedIn and saw a post from Chris regarding an angel investment opportunity for Sidekick. What’s the phrase Bill Engvall used? That’s right, “here’s your sign.” Aside from the moment of fate, there was a significant connection I could make to Sidekick and how useful it could be in my daily work. Being a supply chain professional, a majority of my communication is directed outside our organization. Whether it’s setting up monthly performance reviews or a short- notice meeting to put out a fire, I am typically engaged with our suppliers that stretch across the country.

The primary issue is that we don’t have visibility into each other’s schedule so setting up these meetings (especially with four or more people) can take hours and days depending on everyone’s responsiveness. This is where Sidekick is an incredibly useful platform. I can set up shareable Team Pages and send one link to the group where they can then coordinate with my open availability and just like that we’re scheduled to meet and can start making progress.

We could write a book on all the scenarios Sidekick can make a positive impact, but that’s why Chris created an awesome website (www.sidekickai.com). Plus, outstanding application aside, the people behind Sidekick are what make it truly great. A development team with an acute attention to detail and never-ending work ethic, founding partners that are the physical embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to create a product that helps make peoples’ lives just a little bit better.

The six factors listed at the start are what started the conversation, the last three are what sealed the deal.