Our scheduling software is about to get even more powerful. Quarter 4 is officially here and we have started working on our Q4 roadmap.

Let’s just jump right into it. Here is what we have planned:

  • Offer a Free Forever Plan.
  • Upgrade Paid Plan with new features and enhancements.
  • Overhaul our Forward to Schedule feature.
  • Improve Sidekick speeds to book meetings by 5x – 29x faster.
  • Enhance Scheduling Pages UI / UX.

A main focus for us in Q4 will be making improvements to our Forward to Schedule feature. Our biggest competitor was X.ai and they are officially closing their doors on October 31st, 2021 because of acquisition. You can read here how we are going to replace X.ai.

Our AI scheduling software was very close to what they built and we are confident we can build something better. They had hundreds of thousands of users that need a new tool and we believe we are a great fit.

Our Free Forever Plan

We are going to offer a lite, free forever version of Sidekick Ai to users. Here are the features we will be offering in our free plan:

  • 3 Personal Scheduling Pages
  • 1 Connected Source
  • Unlimited Scheduled Meetings
  • Unlimited Contacts and Groups
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Auto Scheduling with Contacts
  • Google + Outlook Integrations
  • Google Meet, Zoom and Skype Integrations
  • Full Customer Support

We were offering a 30 day trial, but we felt it would be best to simply offer a competitive scheduling tool for free to users. The main feature we are offering for free is Scheduling Pages (more of Calendly competition).

Our Paid Plan will be for users who want even more AI help with scheduling (similar to X.ai).

Our New Paid Plan ($15/m)

Here is an outlook on our new paid plan and what we will offer:

  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Remove Sidekick Ai Branding
  • Unlimited Sources and Calendars
  • Forward to Schedule Ai Scheduling
  • Unlimited Scheduling Pages
  • Team Scheduling Pages
  • Meeting Statistics

This is very competitive to what other market leaders are doing and we feel this is a great new price. We will likely include discounted rates for buying yearly as well.

Forward to Schedule Overhaul

This will be our biggest focus to end the year by far. X.ai is closing and we’re going to pick up where they left off. Our Forward to Schedule scheduling needs work and we will admit it. We plan on vastly improving upon load times, how it works, building the smart AI library and more.

Here is a mock up of what 2.0 for Forward to Schedule will look like. We also are going to offer users ability to fully customize their Sidekick assistant as well (something we didn’t allow in 1.0 Forward to Schedule).

Sidekick Ai scheduling software Forward to Schedule

Here is a video on how Forward to Schedule currently works.

Our goal is greatly improve this scheduling feature by end of 2021. We will ask a lot of our users how we can get better and keep improving. We would love to hear your feedback as well!

Improve Scheduling Speeds

With more users coming on board, we realized we need to improve speed times. We are looking at speeding up our system by 5x – 29x by the end of the year. We will be improving our “Availability Engine” we built to have it ready schedules and book even faster.

You might notice at times there seems to be a bit of loading that takes place and we plan to fix this! If you notice anything else that needs speed improvements, please contact us to let us know.

UX / UI Improvements

Lastly, we will make slight UX / UI improvements across the entire platform. Some will be very noticeable, most will not be unless you really pay attention. We have room to improve and that we will do! Again, contact us with suggestions.

We had some really cool things happen this year for us. Here is a little recap.

  • Got our first seed round investor – Read about it here
  • We launched Scheduling Pages (biggest feature yet) – Read about it here
  • We launched Zoom integration – Read about it here
  • Sidekick AI recognized as a Rising Star in Scheduling Software Category – Read about it here
  • Sept 2021 we hit all time user sign up record, beating 2020
  • We have noticed almost double the usage of meetings being booked with the launch of pages

Overall we are seeing a lot of momentum and progress! We are very excited to keep working on our platform and finish the year strong. Thank you all of our users, we appreciate you! We look forward towards making scheduling way easier and frictionless for you.